Removing bias to move your business forward

Removing bias to move your business forward

UpSkill Digital is a leading provider of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEIB) training. Our programs are designed to help organisations create more inclusive workplaces, where everyone feels valued and respected.

“We had a stellar experience working with UpSkill Digital. We were seeking an experienced, professional, and dynamic partner to provide DEI development for our senior leaders, and that is exactly what we got. 

The content creation process was highly collaborative and customized to Expedia Group. Our global leaders left the workshops feeling energized and ready to take action.”

Diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging programmes

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Meet the trainer

Naomi Osei is a conscientious, energetic and intuitive management professional who is committed to using her voice as a champion for change and transformation. With over 10 years of experience in the delivery of captivating, engaging presentations, keynotes, workshops & training seminars and coaching.

She is passionate about positively impacting the lives of those within her reach. 

Naomi possesses the innate ability to captivate the hearts and minds of her audience as a dynamic, moving and charismatic speaker and facilitator/trainer. Naomi’s work is centred around facilitating the improvement of organisational performance through leadership development, upskilling management and training teams both remotely and in person.

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What is diversity & inclusion?

Diversity and inclusion are a collection of ideas and practises that help create a prosperous environment and empower employees to thrive no matter what their background.

But it’s important to remember the difference between Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging.

What does diversity mean?

Diversity is the makeup of your workforce. It’s about how varied your employees are concerning race, gender, sexuality, ability, and culture.

What does equity mean?

Equity is how much authority and responsibility diverse employees who feel included have and how influential their voice is in making important decisions. 

What does inclusion mean?

Inclusion is how those people are engaged with, spoken to, and involved in company culture and processes across the whole business.

What does belonging mean?

Belonging is about people feeling truly valued and respected in the workspace and not feeling like they’re a diversity hire or a token employee.

Diverse organisations typically see

Tackling bias in recruitment

A BT case study

BT, a global telecommunications company, is committed to diversifying its workforce and embedding inclusive practices into its culture. As part of this commitment, BT partnered with UpSkill Digital to create a series of interactive, in-person events and bite-sized eLearning modules to support its HR teams and people managers in being more inclusive in their approach to talent attraction, engagement, and retention.



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