Let's get people into work

Let's get people into work

We’ve created a number of courses and bootcamps that focus exclusively on in-demand digital technologies. Our content is highly curated—in partnership with industry leaders from  Google, Amazon, and Microsoft—to advance expertise in data science, digital marketing,  cloud computing, cybersecurity, and more.

“I am very glad I joined Upskill Digital Bootcamp. Not only have I gained more skills, but I have also been empowered with more confidence about my abilities to succeed in the Digital world. This Bootcamp has not just been training for me, but it has been a life changing experience.”

Bootcamps overview

Our CPD certified bootcamps last anywhere between 4-12 weeks. 

Learners receive a blend of hands-on training, 1:1 mentoring from experts, masterclasses, and community management assistance to ensure that they have the right level of support to achieve their qualification, and stand a good chance of securing their next role.

Why choose us?

Founded in 2015, UpSkill Digital is committed to helping businesses plan, build and deliver effective, manageable digital skills bootcamps and academies. We will empower both your businesses and communities to tackle growing digital inequality through a global network of highly experienced coaches and training experts.

Closing the digital skills gap with the Department for Education.

UpSkill Digital was awarded a Skills Bootcamp tender by the government as part of its Plan for Jobs. The goal of the program was to help marginalised groups and those who have been negatively affected by the digital divide develop their skills, gain practical hands-on experience, find better job opportunities, and meet employers who could help them find meaningful employment.



of learners felt bootcamp would help them secure employment


of learners said the course exceeded their expectations


secured an interview post completing the academy

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