Gori Yahaya Awarded Google for Startups Black Founders Fund Award

London, UK – June 12, 2023UpSkill Digital, a leading provider of digital skills and diversity & inclusion learning programs, today announced that its founder and CEO, Gori Yahaya, has been awarded a Google for Startups Black Founders Award. The award, which is part of Google’s $1 billion commitment to Black economic empowerment, will provide UpSkill Digital with $150,000 in funding, access to Google’s network of mentors and experts, and the opportunity to participate in a series of tailored programs and events.

UpSkill Digital was founded in 2015 by Yahaya, a serial entrepreneur and inclusion evangelist. Well known on the world’s conference speaker circuit Yahaya, said “I am so honoured to be selected for this award. Being a self-funded business, receiving awards of this nature holds immense significance, and will provide a tangible impact, empowering me to invest strategically for accelerated growth.”

In addition to the cash prize, Google for Startups Black Founders Award recipients also receive access to Google’s global network of mentors, advisors, and investors. This network provides awardees with the support they need to grow their businesses and make a positive impact on the world.

“Our goal is to foster a sustainable and equitable world, where millions of learners are equipped to go out and do amazing things. Through our efforts, we are not only creating innovators and leaders but also shaping a future that is filled with limitless potential and positive change”, continued Yahaya while at London Tech Week, where he is a panelist. 

Working with some of the world’s largest corporations, delivering in-house Diversity & Inclusion and Digital Skills training, UpSkill Digital also leverages large corporate CSR budgets to build Social Impact programmes, ensuring free training opportunities reach individuals worldwide, regardless of their employment status, education level or location.

“The UpSkill team is incredibly passionate about the importance of the work that we do on a global scale, and this win reinforces why we get up and do it every single day. Together, we can create a future where everyone plays on the same field, and has the knowledge, skills, and passion to make a lasting positive difference”, concluded Yahaya.


About Gori Yahaya 

Serial entrepreneur | Inclusion Evangelist | Keynote Speaker

A respected thought-leader in the tech space, Gori challenges conventional thinking to inspire courageous leadership, and drive meaningful societal and economic progress.

Gori has a long history of delivering award-winning social impact and inclusion programs, and has worked with forward-thinking responsible corporate organisations that strive to drive positive societal impact and create better outcomes for their customers, their colleagues, the communities they serve, and the planet we all share.


Twitter: @goridigital | Instagram: @goridigital | LinkedIn: /goriyahaya

About UpSkill Digital

UpSkill Digital is a leading provider of digital skills and diversity & inclusion learning programs. Working with companies such as Google, TikTok, Walmart, Santander, BT and more, the company’s mission is to provide world-class learning solutions that equip those in need with the skills, confidence, and pathways to success.


Twitter: @upskilldigital | Instagram: @upskilldigital | LinkedIn: /upskill-digital

About Google for Startups

Google for Startups is a global initiative that provides resources, support, and connections to help startups succeed. Google for Startups offers a variety of programs and services, including:

  • Accelerate: A three-month program that provides startups with access to Google’s experts, resources, and network.
  • Founders’ Hub: A global community of startup founders and leaders.
  • For Startups Events: A series of events that bring together startups, investors, and other ecosystem players.
  • Google for Startups Campus: A global network of physical spaces that provide startups with access to workspace, events, and other resources.

Google for Startups is committed to helping startups succeed and build a better future for everyone.

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Jen Naiff, Head of Marketing, UpSkill Digital. 

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