Scalable social impact initiatives

Scalable social impact initiatives

Build trust with consumers, forge lasting relationships with communities and tackle digital inequality at scale with a powerful corporate social responsibility initiative.

“The Upskill team brought real energy and expertise to our project, ensuring the young people trained were confident and ready for their placement with a real business facing an online challenge. Gori’s team are a key part of the next phase of the project.”

What is Social Impact?

Social Impact refers to a range of internally driven but externally focussed community initiatives organisations run to improve the world on a variety of levels. It’s also known as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

And while there are many worthwhile approaches, UpSkill Digital specialise in helping your organisation tackle wide-ranging digital inequality, which affects up to 14.9 million people in the UK today.

3 benefits of social impact

Why choose us?

Founded in 2015, UpSkill Digital is committed to helping businesses plan, build and deliver effective, manageable Social Impact activities. We will empower both your businesses and communities to tackle growing digital inequality through a global network of highly experienced coaches and training experts.

Tackling digital inequality with Social Impact

To thrive in the modern world, it’s essential that every person, no matter their background has the skills, attitude and access to opportunities to thrive in the labour market and take advantage of digital tools.

From managing online banking and finding gainful employment to mastering social media, it’s impossible to flourish in the twenty-first century without understanding skills to harness the power of digital devices and online software that we rely on to survive and thrive.

It’s the responsibility of those with technical expertise or resources to empower the most marginalised sections of society by sharing skills, funding change or driving meaningful, digitally focussed initiatives where possible.

Your organisation has the power to transform lives and change the world for the better by launching, sponsoring or driving important Social Impact initiatives to ensure no person is left behind and everybody has the digital skills they need to prosper.

With a wealth of experience producing powerful Social Impact programs for major international brands such as Google’s Digital Garage, BT Skills for Tomorrow and Lloyds Bank Academy, we’ll help your organisation scope, plan, build and deliver a digitally focussed CSR programme your employees are proud to produce, your customers want to see and communities need to happen.

“The Grow with Google programme in Ireland has gone from strength to strength with the support of the UpSkill Digital team. A massive thank you to Emma, Aimee, Lisa, an Savasia for their continued support on the programme. They’ve helped us to pivot our training online in 2020 and to deliver on our Pledge to train 40k people in Ireland in digital skills. UpSkill has delivered excellently on all initiatives briefed to them and always exceed expectations; from training to content creation, project management and more. They’re an absolute pleasure to work with and I could not recommend them highly enough.”

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